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Технологии К2 офигеть инфа


In 1994, K2 introduced the world's first Softboot™ forever changing the way performance skates are designed and built. Our proprietary Softboot™ design leads the market in providing the highest performance and versatility in inline skates. Other companies have tried to get around this patented technology, but they have never been able to equal the unique blend of performance, comfort, and styling provided in our design.

K2's Softboot™ design allows the use of breathable, comfortable and flexible materials that fit and function like a second skin while substantially reducing overall weight. Just one of the many great features of K2's Softboot™ is the one piece liner system fastened to the base and supported by an anatomical cuff. This patent protected design provides the best combination of comfort and performance for every level of ability.

Mod 10.5
Mod 8.5
Mod LT

The MOD series was designed for experienced skaters serious about high performance and fit for daily workouts. Based on K2's award winning Softboot™ technology and designed in conjunction with the world's most elite athletes, the MOD series features state of the art technology for maximum performance.

Power XP
Spire XP
Cadence SL
Skye SL
Escape LS
Impulse LS

K2's recreation/fitness series was designed for those who skate for both excitement and exercise. Featuring K2's award winning Softboot™ technology and the latest evolutions in design to maximize dynamic fit, comfort and performance, these skates provide the perfect tools for both men and women to equate fitness with fun.

Mini X
Plasma X

Featuring the same state of the art technology as K2's adult skates, our collection of junior skates was designed for real skaters, only smaller. K2 delivers the most comfortable and easy to use skate for developing skaters.


K2's new aggressive skates, designed with input from the Roll K2 team, will make any street, vert or park skater better. Now offering the widest sole and negative on the market, made from the highest quality materials, the skates slide smooth like butter.

ExoFlo™ is the latest evolution in design achieving uncompromising fit, ventilation and style in one stroke. Based on the same minimalist principles of K2's award winning Exotech™ cuff technology, ExoFlo™ provides the firmest fit available with minimal use of material. The elastomeric composition of the ExoFlo™ urethane hugs the foot, providing a 360-degree wrapping effect, which results in an unprecedented fit with zero pressure points. This state of the art design provides maximum ventilation, cooling the foot as it skates via multiple air channels incorporated into the ExoFlo™ webbing.

Hybrid SlipFit™ combines the comfort and convenience of a SlipFit™ boot with the firmer hold of a lace boot. The innovative stretch panel wraps comfortably around almost every foot shape. The smooth one-pull micro laces adjust easily and quickly to give you a more precise fit than our regular SlipFit™ boot. It's the best of both worlds.

SlipFit™ is a laceless closure system that makes for the most comfortable and convenient skate on the market. Slip your foot in, tighten the power strap and buckle, and you're on your way. Forget the hassle of tying and tightening laces. The power strap and ratchet buckle work with SlipFit™'s innovative stretch panel for a custom fit for a wider variety of foot shapes and sizes.

K2's Exotech™ cuffs provide side-to-side stability while allowing controlled fore and aft movement. This selective external support system results in more power with less effort while providing exceptional stability, responsiveness and power.

The Freedom Cuff offers the high performance skater ample support with maximum freedom of movement. This contoured, mid-height cuff utilizes ultra-light materials that fit both men and women equally. Maximum forward flex encourages a low, powerful skating position. Ratchet buckle is micro adjustable for a fine tuned fit.

The Response Cuff offers the fitness skater quickness and control while transferring all of the skaters efforts to the road. Innovative new materials, forward flex and a cut away design deliver superior stability. Women's cuff has a wider collar flare and lower ankle pocket.

The Stability Cuff offers the recreational skater confidence and control. Men's and women's anatomical designs are contoured to match male and female ankle profiles for enhanced balance and maximum support.

K2's Extruded Aluminum Response 5-wheel frame is the racer's choice for training and competition. 84mm wheels in the back three positions and two 80mm wheels in the front allow top speeds without compromising maneuverability. This 6000 series aluminum frame is heat-treated for stiffness and offers an extra long wheelbase and adjustable alignment.


K2's Extruded Aluminum Response 4-wheel frame is race bred and super responsive. 84mm wheels in the back two wheel positions and two 80mm in the front combine to allow top speeds without compromising maneuverability. This 6000 series aluminum frame is heat-treated for stiffness and offers an extra long wheelbase and adjustable alignment.


K2's exclusive Cap Composite technology delivers a unique balance of stiffness and response with an amazing level of vibration dampening.


The Contoured Aluminum Frame uses engineered shaping and advanced custom alloys to drive stiffness and high performance response levels.


K2 uses aluminum alloy in a proprietarily engineered application to create a light responsive Aluminum Frame that performs to the highest standards.


The Composite Frame is made of glass fiber reinforced for stiffness and strength. A custom polymer formulation absorbs road vibration.


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