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What You Will See

When you wear a Reevu helmet your view of the road ahead is not in any way effected. However it is your view of the road behind that is so dramatically transformed.

You can now see in front and behind without the need to turn or look over your shoulder.

residential mainroad busycity
Residential estate view Main road view Busy City road view

Click on the images for an enlarged view.

Our testers have commented that eventually you are able to maintain awareness of the road ahead and behind without making a conscious effort.

That means…no more shaky steering while you are looking over your shoulder and no loss of vision of the road in front when you are looking behind you.

This quite simply transforms your cycling experience. We encourage wearers to make that all important check over their shoulder before making any manoeuvres.

A Gem of an Idea

white RVLX The Reevu helmet rear view system was invented to address a failing in the very heart of cycle design and operation.

It is against the law not to have a rear view mirror system in a car or on a motorbike, but on a pedal cycle no such rules apply.

Rules or no rules - the inventors of the Reevu rear view system decided that accident prevention was just as important as protection in the case of an accident – and so the Reevu system came to be.

dark carbon RVDLX Many have designed clip on mirrors that protrude from a helmet and other such “external” devices or bicycle accessories but never before had serious consideration been given to integrating a rear vision system into the shell of a helmet.

The patented multiple mirror system that is fitted within every Reevu cycle safety helmet is a unique achievement of creative thinking and technical excellence. The mirror system is manufactured from a reflective polycarbonate material rather than glass. Unlike glass, this material is almost impossible to break and is lighter providing additional safety and comfort to the wearer.

Put simply, the system effectively “bends” the light around the shape of the top of the head - all within the moulding of the helmet - to provide a clear view of the road behind.

Early prototypes were met with absolute astonishment. It is so stunningly apparent from the first moment a helmet is worn that it really will make a huge difference to the safety of cyclists on our roads.

Reevu helmets prevent accidents. While other helmets only protect against impact in the case of an accident – Reevu both prevents and protects

Rear View System

airflowIt has taken 7 years of intense research and development to perfect the rear vision system fitted in every Reevu helmet.

The system uses a patented design that allows the wearer to achieve the same awareness given by a rear view mirror in a motor car.

The challenge was of course to achieve this design within the very limited space of the housing of a cycle helmet.

This technology will transform the comfort and safety of cyclists who wear Reevu helmets.

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