RolleR-ru is a popular Russian online-medium for inline-skaters and outdoor recreation fans. Currently we are the only Russian web site that covers all inline-skating related issues and is updated on a regular basis. Most of our visitors are from Moscow and St.-Petersburg, and about 30 % are from other Russian cities, CIS countries, Europe and USA.

Our inline-skating Internet project was created in 1998. We started as a website for a small group of inline-skating fans in Moscow. Now we grew into the service, that helps skaters from different regions to communicate and to receive news about inline-skating.

Our main objectives are as follows:
- increasing a number of inline-skaters in Russia
- providing our visitors with useful interface that will help them to communicate
- providing our audience with inline-skating news

We pay a lot of attention to the novice skaters. For this purpose, RolleR-ru contains "How-to" section and a special "Help" forum. Using our other forums, skaters can arrange meetings, buy (sell) second-hand skating equipment, and discuss actual events. Also we run the "Skating Places Guide" where we publish articles about inline-skating in different cities.

In the beginning of 2000th year we started the RolleR-ru Club. Today it consist of more than 800 skaters from different cities. Using the club's database, our visitors can find neighbor skaters.

RolleR-ru team is not only dedicated to website-maintenance. When promoting a healthy life style, we often participate in public events' organization. The RolleR-ru Club took part in such large events as:

- "Opening of a summer-sports season 2000", together with National Mountain Bike Association
- "A Festival of Extreme Energy", in Moscow
- "Pure Book", no drugs event
- "Children's life", together with Moscow's Government
- "X-Games",  - together with Moscow's Sport Committee
- "1st Russian Down-Hill competitions", in Sosnovy Bor
- "2nd International Extreme Festival", in Sosnovy Bor

We are looking forward to participate and to support the forthcoming events that could be interesting for inline-skaters.

RolleR-ru about inline-skating

- "Equipment". Articles about skating equipment. Product reviews and recommendations.
- "Skating Place Guide". Skate-park locations and places for skating in different cities.
- "Skating School". Lessons and exercises for skating skills improvement.
- "Workshop". Skate, bearings and wheels maintenance. Repair tips and recommendations
- "Skater-list". Members of the RolleR-ru Club.
- "Skating Art". Poems, photos and stories from skaters.
- "Events". Schedule of events and competitions.
- "News". The information about new materials on website.
- "Asphalt Heroes". Interview with Russian pro-skaters and stories about them.
- "Video". A video collection of skating tricks.
- "Skate-park". Definitions, drawings and dimensions of the common skate-park facilities.
- "Articles". Interesting articles about skaters.

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